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Home Theaters and Multi-Media Rooms:

Home Theaters and Media Rooms have changed the home television viewing experience forever.  Sitting back to enjoy your favorite movie or cheer for your favorite team on a projection system, or a flat panel TV, surrounded by a quality speaker array, have made staying home an event in of it's self.  We design the system to not only accommodate, but also compliment the available space.  You don’t need a lot of room to have a lot of fun! 

Distributed Audio and Visual Systems:

Have you ever had to turn the music up so loud in one room, just to try and hear it from another?  Or have you ever moved your stereo from one location to another, just to move it back the very next day?  What about watching TV, have you moved your cable or satellite box from place to place, trying to accommodate your particular needs from one day to the next?  At one time or another most of us have done these things.

Distributed Audio / Visual (A/V) Systems allow you to play music and watch TV from all over your home.  Whether it’s a single or multiple source system, you can fill your home with whatever you choose.  Have background music throughout the house and show “the big game” everywhere.  Plug in your portable music player, or watch the kids play in the backyard pool, while you make lunch in the kitchen. These systems can be customized to fit almost every lifestyle imaginable.

Structured Wiring:

The TV and Telephone wiring of the past is no longer adequate for today’s technology. When building a new home it is critical that the house be wired in a manner that will accommodate the modern systems of the 21st  century.  Also, older homes can be updated with additional wiring that will allow for an easy transition from the past to the future.  Structured wiring packages address all of your communication needs.  TV, telephone, and computer, all home run to one location and forever interchangeable based upon your desired layout.  Never be limited by your wiring again.

Home Automation:

If you are looking for the ultimate in system control, than home automation is the thing for you.  It’s a marriage of the structured wiring and the various other systems throughout your home.  Control the lights, the heating and air conditioning,  the distributed A/V, all from one easy to use system.  You can do it via the web, from anywhere in the world.  There are many devices in today’s modern dwellings that can be controlled and operated as part of a common network.  The power is there for your taking!

Areas We Service in Norther Virginia:

Winchester in Frederick County, Middleburg and Upperville in Fauquier County, Leesburg in Loudoun County

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